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Kieta Jackson at her home in Norfolk 2018

Photography Mike Stokes

Kieta Jackson's textile sculptures demonstrate two things, wonderful elegant containing forms and a sense of antiquity in another world and time.  She works primarily with wire and sheet metal and builds vessels and froms of crocheted and woven fabric.



'The process starts with a fine gauge wire which is then woven by hand on a loom, creating a malleable fabric which is manipulated into the sculptural identity.'

'I am always thriving to create a harmonious relationship with material and form so the sculptures resonate found artefacts, archaeological remains and elements of the sea.'

Line, shape and form, colour and texture are the impressions abstracted from her chosen subject matters. The combining elements of abstract and representation compose a visually stimulating balance evolving into a desired aesthetic.

Jackson's natural and most instinctive ideas have always had a sense of bringing the past into the present.  It is rather an intuitive process of working, stitching together colours, textures and forms taken from archaeological finds, faded patinas on ship wrecks, ceremonial costumes, masks, headdresses along with the collection of twentieth century and modern studio pottery she has collected over the past 25years.


Jackson has created a unique area of practice and we are left believing that her sensitive forms are ancient artefacts one would view in a museum or have long been forgotten.

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